Cunard Cottages -Ynys-Afan Bridge Manhole

DCWW advise they are hoping to start repairs on the sewer chamber sited in the river below Ynys-Afan Bridge in June 24. This is following a number of years of AVACC pressing home the fact that this asset is becoming a real risk of catastrophic failure. This is the main trunk sewer which runs down the valley. At present there is a hole in one side which allows the river water to enter the trunk sewer network and cause problems lower down the catchment. Previously this had been planned as a future project but due to climate change with obvious increases in rainfall and frequency, decisions have been made to start this project immediately. AVACC welcome the decision but this will impact on fishing to some extent. NRW have been consulted and we hope therefore this will ensure control measures for silt migration will be kept to a minimum whilst maintaining fish passage. We are advised that the bridge will be open throughout but there may be some restrictions during crane operations. it is expected that the project will take approximately 6 weeks depending on weather conditions.

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