Nant Clais Restoration Project

The Nant Clais Restoration Project is a three-year partnership project that aims to restore Nant Clais brook, a tributary of Afon Afan near Cwmafan which runs parallel to the B4286 near the Ynys Park. West Wales Rivers Trust is delivering this project with kind support from Dwr Cymru, Natural Resources Wales and Afan Valley Angling and Conservation Club.

The project is a result of habitat restoration opportunities identified by Afan Valley Angling and Conservation Club, Natural Resources Wales, and Swansea University. It aims to clean up the area with numerous litter picks and tackle the spread of invasive non-native plant species Japanese Knotweed & Himalayan Balsam whilst enhancing the ecosystem and productivity of the water course.

The second stage is to enable increased light to reach the channel by coppicing of the selective trees whilst maintaining dabbled shade. This will increase instream productivity & invertebrate numbers, and diversify bankside vegetation.

The next stage will be to restore flow diversity throughout the stream by the installation of flow deflectors and woody material structures together with bank revetment in the shape of possibly Willow Spiling that is the traditional technique of preventing soil eroding from riverbanks. Finally we plan to introduce clean spawning gravel to be utilised by Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon.

The project aims to boost biodiversity locally, through the restoration of the river and riparian habitat, while engaging local people with their local watercourses. Creating opportunities to learn & become part of the solution to restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.

Balsam Bash 14/06/24

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