Risk Assessment

Description of activity: Angling on River Afan

What are the hazards:

1) Drowning

2) Flooding, including sudden rapid water level rises.

3) Electrocution from overhead power cables.

4) Injury resulting from use of sharp tools. (Knifes etc.)

5) Negotiating styles and fences.

6) Slipping on wet, sloping or frozen ground

7) Eye and flesh injuries from hooks

8) Cuts from rusty metal objects (tetanus risk)

9) Weil’s disease

10) Fishing alone.

11) Lyme disease (ticks)

12) Poisonous plants (Hog weed, giant hog weed etc.)

Who might be affected:

1) All anglers

2) Members of the general public and their pets who might be affected by angling activity.

Access and Egress:


      • Care required, slippery river bed and very uneven terrain.

      • Wading staff recommended.

      • Life jacket recommended especially when fishing alone.

      • Fast flowing and deep pools.

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